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Claretta Cerutti & Gioielli Gitani 



These two slides are the rappresentation of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy  the ORTA LAKE .It is the SAN GIULIO ISLAND. In this location the company has a boutique where part of the cashmere accessories of the CLARETTA CERUTTI CASHMERE COLLECTION is handmade.

The designs of the Buckles colelction of teh GIOIELLI GITANI BUCLES  are also born in this boutique 

The inspiration that generates the dream landscape of the lake it is priceless

The GIOIELLI GITANI BRAND , like others brands, on this site are owned bythe company G.C. DIFFUSION SNC, which began its journey in 1985 trought long stays abroad, especially in the FAR EAST AREA., loving strongly those territories, they decided to give life to the first project 

Claretta Cerutti Cashmere


The CLARETTA CERUTTI CASHMERE brand is owned by the company G.C. DIFFUSION SNC . This brand mainly develops collections in cashmere and others fibres such as SILK,ANGORA,YAK, SUPERFINE MERINOS WOOL.

The collections are made  entirely in ITALY using KNITTING MACHINES and MANUAL WOOD LOOMS, and they pass  from a carefull research of materials: RAW MATERIAL , YARNS  to the finished garments 

The meeting with the Nobles Fibres by the members of GC DIFFUSION , date back to 1990 , when one of the member began to travel first as manager of primary textile  companies and than as an entrepreneur in the areas of origin of the various fibres such as : TIBET,MONGOLIA,CHINA,IRAN,AFGHANISTAN,AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.


It has been a continous collaboration with the shepherds of the various areas.

To this was added the development of the control of the fibers themselves with meticoluos steps... from the first manual analysis to the controls with microscopes and scanning electro microsopes throught the offices of HONG KONG and ITALY.


This passion for fibres has developed the research of production which is strictly  artisanal and  manual , using manual machinery now  almost impossible to find. The company strongly believes inpassion and craftmanship to give added value to the final product thus giving the consumer the real HAND MADE IN ITALY 


The  strenght  of the artisan company  is tohave created a TAILORED ATELIER  whwre the customer can study the garments in collaboration with the artisan of tyhe company.


Another  strenght is the RIACCENDO I COLORI project , using all the colors of the final stock of the yarns  in a fantasy of the colors and  ethnocs designs 

This project  givs life to one of a kind garments that are no longer easely reproducible

CLARETTA CERUTTI .... passion for cashmere



Our daily commitment is the continuos search of exclusiva garments and accessories, to provide our customers with new emotions


... because the moment of the pourchase must not be a trivial choiche , but full of emotion and transport...


... give woman adeguate opportunities and they  will be capable of all ( Oscar Wilde) 

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