Gioielli Gitani

Our daily commitment is the continuos search of exclusiva garments and accessories, to provide our customers with new emotions...

... because the moment of the pourchase must not be a trivial choiche , but full of emotion and transport...

Gioielli Gitani

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Gioielli Gitani

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100% Cashmere

Gianni Ardizio started  his passion for cashmere  and natural fibres 35 years ago when CHINA dna MONGOLIA where an unmpredictable adventure for every trip, and the junrney in AUSTRALIA lasted days.After working for important textile groups. Gianni Ardizio gave life with his wife Carla at the GC DIFFUSION  on the market with the brands:CLARETTA CERUTTI CASHMERE , GIOIELLI GITANI , GIOIELLI DEL TIBET and AQUA DI CANNOBIO.

After alife as a buyer of nobles fibres, we moved on the study  and design of entirely hand made handmade garments with manual machines. Obviousely 

everything starts from the choiche of raw materials, from the yarn and and from the passion of knitting .The collection creates accessories with a look to vintage in the name of the exclusive garment .

  • G.C. Diffusion di Cerutti Carla & C. snc

  • Viale J.F. Kennedy - 28021 Borgomanero (NO)

  • P.Iva: 01839230032